Musical Bio


  • Alma Omega ∞ Messy Magika started DJing in 2003 while living in Holland, creating cross-over “conscious dance” events in various yoga schools:  a Yoga Clubbin’ Tour with Potential Buddha (combining music with vinyasa-style yoga, healthy food, and post-yoga-dancing) and co-founder of the monthly Sonic Sundays Dance Party at the legendary Yoga Moves, as well as DJing at various DIY festivals and parties around Holland.
  • Alma Omega has found a new chapter after her move to Berlin in 2010:  deeply influenced by both the ultra-free-spirited vibe and unlimited tapestry of possibilities that Berlin has to offer, AND the abundance of artistic and musical talent that throbs in this city of death & rebirth…She has been influenced by both the realms of dance & movement meditations (Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine & Open Floor are DEEP inspirations) AND the magical, artistic expression of house-culture, and is grateful to both as the pillars of her work.  She is the co-creator of Cacaophany dance rituals: combining the magic of Sacred Raw Cacao, Dance and Music to uplift the body-heart-mind, which has formed a gorgeous Cacao-Tribe in Berlin, and has traveled to Zurich, Poland & Amsterdam…And is one of the founders of LUCID a soulful, playful and dynamic Sunday gathering, taking place once a month in Berlin –  where music, dance, community & natural high vibes roam wild & free.


  • Alma’s taste in both the depth of underground music AND connective magic of pop&soul has brought her to perform at weddings, art-openings, avant-garde events, and meditative rituals…nothing is too profane or sacred, when it comes to the magic of music to connect and uplift…In fact, it is the most binding element on our entire planet (next to love).




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