Messy Magic

So what is Messy Magic all about

So what is messy magic all about

The concept of Messy Magic came channeled to me about a year and a half ago, right around the time I was coming out of the deepest dive my life had thus taken:  my 14 year-old-marriage and relationship had painfully ended, my ego and stability was crushed to smithereens, and I was basically left with the just the skeleton of my soul, and even that, I doubted I could lean on...

But I did lean on it, this tiny spark of magic, and I began to uncover and discover what was inside, what belonged, what needed to be welcomed and transformed, and what needed to simply fuck off:  all the shadows and bottled up emotions, all the concepts of myself, my identity (as a wife, as a woman, as a person who “had their shit together”, especially someone who had studied and worked in healing…I felt like such a failure…!), all the ways I wanted my life to go…I uncovered and released and wrestled with my ego & soul until, slowly, bit by bit, more and more magic began to manifest…

“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” — Joseph Campbell

I began to realize the beauty in my breakdown, and to witness the light that wanted to shine through the cracks of my broken life…it had a purpose, and that purpose is now being revealed to me, in deep and magical ways…much like the alchemical process of lead being transformed into gold, I now know that this is the process of our soul’s path:  living these messy-magical human lives (with our struggles and triumphs) we have the chance to reveal the soul-magic that wants to shine…

Life will crack your heart open again and again until it stays open  — Rumi

I know how difficult it can be to trust the magic, to trust that the universe has our back, especially when life seems to throw lemon-bombs at our heads & hearts, and the thought of making lemonade seems ridiculous & pointless…but it isn’t pointless:  there is a beauty to the breakdown, and light that wants to crack us open and show us more of who we are…life gives us exactly what we need for our development, and it’s up to us to face it, like a gentle warrior, like water, like the radiant messes we are.

It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it:  to be cracked open by life, so that more magic can pour through us…

If you’re in the cracking-chaos-phase right now, all I can offer you is my cheerleader-soul that chants:  let it break, let it shine, keep on going, there’s magic on the other side…!

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