Messy Magic Manifesto

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 Messy Magic is my ode & praise to the messiness of being human, as well as the celebration of our divinity as radiant, mysterious souls living these magical, messy lives…

Messy Magic Manifesto:

  • Life is fucking messy:  the more you can enjoy & accept your mess, the more you’ll enjoy and accept your life.


  • (Contrary to media/cultural brainwashing) Life is supposed to be the whole damn spectrum (not just happy endings and white teeth):  sadness & triumph, ecstasy & heartbreak, mysterious & slippery & brilliant beyond belief…the more we let the whole spectrum seriously BE, the more Life can flow through us, and the more the gifts of life can be showered upon us…


  • Life is supposed to be a gorgeous, mysterious mystery, with no one to become but who you are right now…and whatever you are experiencing in this moment, is right where you should be…it’s all imperfectly perfect, so let’s fucking dance.


  • The universe is conspiring to shower you with blessings.  Always.  Yes.  right now.  seriously… There is beauty in the breakdown & light that wants to shine through the cracks…let it break, let it shine.


  • Love Heals, Joy Transforms–(Linda Shay)…and dancing, and soul-quaking sex and music…


  • Life will throw you some seriously unexpected surprises:  a relationship that ends that you thought would last forever, poor health of a loved-one, Chaos in heart and mind…you can either fall victim to these circumstances, or you can use these challenges to RISE and ELEVATE…it’s all up to you…the only way to be truly happy is to take full responsibility for your life…no blame, no shame…gentle-warrior-style is the way we roll…


  • Beautiful people don’t just happen, beautiful lives aren’t just a matter of luck and coincidence…it takes some serious power, love and dedication to live one’s truth, follow one’s heart, and surrender to our soul’s highest purpose…and without the living out of these purposes–if we do not share our gifts–all of life is robbed, and the world shines a bit less brighter…The world is made more beautiful & bedazzled by each unique soul living their unique purpose, in big and small ways, every single day.  It really does begin from the inside-out:  these courageous steps to (re)birthing & sharing our unique gifts with our world, micro and macro, again and again, every. single. day.


  • I only trust people that swear.  For reals.


  • The body never lies…our pains, twangs, tensions & vibrations are always communicating our truth, and it takes courage to listen.


  • You can still be “spiritual” (I sort of loathe this word, since we are all mysterious souls embodied in these bodies, therefore we are Spirit by law of the universe) and be connected to Spirit/Source/God/Whatevs and make mistakes and swear and have a hangover and make even more mistakes…How would it be to make the profane Sacred, and the sacred Profane?


  • You. are. enough.


  • Authenticity is sexy:  and it requires being AWAKE and PRESENT in your Life…don’t be afraid to fall…We are all darkness and light…and our source is wholeness…so let’s shine like the radiant messes we truly are.


  • Magic is everywhere, in everything…it’s just a matter of perspective…


  • Goddess bless this mess…! 😉


PS: This Manifesto is what I attempt to live by, as a messy-human-being, every single day, in order to live more in the zone of magic…some moments I fail, some moments I soar, but I try to keep on coming back to these pillars:  for inspiration and strength.


Since everything in the Universe is subjected to change, and since every day I die a little bit, and grow a little bit, and evolve a little bit, this Manifesto is also subject to change and evolution.

Love, MMH


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