A bit about me, myself & i:


  • I grew up in a very loving, fun and dysFUNctional middle-of-the-road type of midwestern home-life in the United States, and always knew there was more…Fate brought me to The Netherlands at the age of 17 to be an exchange student (that year blew my heart-mind & soul into new levels of freedom and possibility, and I was forever changed) and afterwards, I followed my heart and destiny , and immigrated to Holland in 2000.
  • Since 2002, I’ve studied many different Holistic Healing paths :  from Holistic Massage Therapy, to Energy healing, to Transformational Coaching, to various forms of nutrition.  I owned my own Holistic Massage practice for 6 years, and worked over 8 years at retreat/detox centers in both Holland and Portugal…the mind-body-spirit connection has been my fascination & passion, ever since being first exposed to it’s wisdom as a teenager.
  • Music has been the back-bone and true love of my life:  from making epic-mix tapes for my friends in high school, to working at the local Radio Station in College, to creating my own monthly dance-parties, organizing various DIY parties/festivals, to my current passion of combining music with dance and (cacao) ritual… MUSIC is much more than just a soundtrack to life:  it IS my life, and I am a humble slave to it’s Rhythm.
  • Since 2010 I have lived in Berlin, have died and have been reborn (like many before me) and am in deep gratitude to the deep web of interconnected freaks, artists, soul-rebels, and freedom-fundamentalists that I call my friends and web of allies.   It is in this playground that I get to play, reinvent, create and dream my dreams into reality.

For the FULL nitty-gritty story of my life’s path, you can read more here.


Love, MM