Cacao Coaching: 

One on One Guidance into the heart of Cacao

Many healers, therapists, artists, and human beings are feeling a certain calling, whisper and/or urgent demand to start working with Cacao in their sessions, workshops, rituals and even business meetings…

Cacao has been called THE “Food for the Shift”:  the Shift in Human consciousness that is currently under way…the Shift from the old story of disconnection, domination, disrespect (to the feminine & to our beloved planet Earth), to a new story of inter-connection, unity-community & utter reverence to the natural cycles of life…

Humanity could obviously use all of the help & support right now: in ushering in more healing, balance, opening and trust for this shift and process: collectively and individually…

Are you feeling a calling (from deep within, an inner-knowing, intuitively, or from the Cacao Spirit yourself) to work more intimately and deeper with this beautiful heart medicine?  Do you need more confidence, more information, more guidance along your path, in this calling to work with Cacao? 


It is my honor & pleasure to work with you:

Since 2013 I have been working with this beautiful medicine in a wide spectrum of forms, and have literally witnessed my own life-path and work shift as a result of this (to read more about this, please read here).

Over the past few years, I have developed an intimate relationship with Cacao that I would love to share for those passionate about growing, learning and evolving (personally & professionally) through Cacao:

  • History & factual information about it’s workings on the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual realms of the human body & spirit.
  • How to prepare Ceremonial Cacao:  doseage and counter-indications
  • How to prepare a ritual (for yourself and for others) & how to establish your own personal relationship with the spirit of Cacao.
  • Any and all concern along your path…

Is cacao Calling you?

For Cacao Coaching inquiries, please contact me.

I am also available for Skype sessions if you happen to not live in Berlin…

Very blessed to assist all those heart-warriors in need of some guidance!





We’re currently living in extremely dynamic times: exhilarating, challenging, inspiring, and overwhelming, all at the same time. Modern life is filled with an abundance of opportunities and stimulations, but finding the balance between heart & mind, body & spirit is often a challenging quest. Many of us suffer from pains, tensions and illness, and even though these complaints might feel like our enemies, they are actually significant signals that the body is giving us. They are telling us that some aspect of our lives is out of balance, and is seeking attention, awareness and possible transformation…it is up to us to give ourselves that attention, turn the dial inwards, and find our truth from the inside-out, not the outside-in.








*Dynamic Times Call For special Attention*





A Holistic Massage or transformational coaching session is a great way to press the ‘pause button’ in our lives, take a step back from the treadmill we might be currently on, and a wonderful way to nurture our entire being. It can bring relaxation, give new energy and insights, and help us to feel more connected to our bodies, our truth, and our heart’s longing.

What is Holistic Massage

In a holistic massage session, not only are your physical pains and complaints taken into into consideration, but your entire being is honored and treated: your emotions, your thoughts & belief systems, your connection to Spirit and the world around you, basically all of what makes you you in this moment.

Each session begins and ends with a cup of tea and a small talk to give you the opportunity to vocalize your current state, to be seen, heard and witnessed. Each massage session is fine-tuned and personalized to fit each individual person, in each unique moment in time. The intention behind a holistic massage session is to allow more awareness to saturate the body and consciousness of the receiver, so that more healing awareness can expand from the inside-out. The self-healing power of the receiver is stimulated and honored.


Lomi Lomi Massage:

Lomi Lomi is an ancient form of massage and healing, stemming from the Polynesian folk in Hawaii. Like waves over the body, the massage works into the muscles gently yet deeply with continuous, flowing strokes, nurturing the body and enabling the recipient to relax, surrender and simply be.

Lomi Lomi is also called the ‘loving hands’ massage: The wholeness of the receiver is honored, using loving hands and a loving heart. A complete Lomi Lomi session lasts one and a half hours,including massage of both back and front of the body. This is an extremely nurturing and relaxing massage form, and a true pleasure to receive.

Foot-Reflex-zone Massage:

Foot-reflex is a very ancient form of massage (around 5000 years old!) and is a beautiful tool for releasing blockages and letting more Chi (energy) flow throughout our body. There are many pressure points localized on our feet, each point/area corresponding to our organs and different parts of our body. Direct massage of these points directly stimulates the blood & lymph stream, as well as the energy and nervous system of the entire body. Localized massage of the feet can strongly influence other parts of the body and the totality of a person’s well-being, helping us to ground and center ourselves.

Holistic Pulsing:

HP is a soft, yet deeply effective treatment that invites deep relaxation and release.  The entire body is rocked and stretched while the receiver lies (either clothed for a complete session, or holistic pulsing can be combined with an oil-based massage) on the massage table.  The rhythmic rocking creates small waves that ripple throughout the entire body, from head to toe.

Pulsing is a primal feeling for us humans:  Just like the Earth, our bodies are 75% water (so we are in fact more fluid than solid) and as babies, our first feeling was that of a rocking sensation inside & outside of our mothers.

Pulsing creates an incredibly deep feeling of being nurtured, and helps to create an ocean of relaxation and awareness throughout the whole body.  The pulse also softens muscle tension and blockages in the body–not through pressure, force or pain–but through the deep power of softness and release.  Holistic Pulsing is truly a miraculous way to feel more at home in your body and in your life.


Special Cacao & Massage Rituals:

Sacred Raw Cacao (Theobroma Cacao — “Food of the Gods”) is an extremely gentle, loving, high vibrational plant medicine. The Deva of Cacao (the consciousness and spirit behind the form) assists us in deepening our connection with ourselves, with opening the heart, allowing the abundance of beauty that life and mama earth have to offer. It supports self-awareness, so that we can become conscious of and clear patterns or blocks that prevent us from enjoying our lives in our full potential, and from giving and receiving love freely. Cacao opens pathways to creativity and inspiration, and is generally a catalyst for more joy and life-energy, lovingly aiding us in opening & healing, so that life can fully flow through us.

Each session will take 2,5 hours, providing plenty time for intention, massage & integration…We shall begin each session with a ceremonial dose of Sacred Raw Cacao, and dedicate our session to the intention(s) that you bring with you (on all levels: Physcial, mental, social, emotional & spiritual)…based on the flow and guidance, about an hour of the journey will be dedicated to nurturing massage and touch, and we shall leave plenty of space towards the end for grounding and integration… Each session shall be unique co-creation between you, me & the Cacao Spirit herself…♥

Cacao not only creates an extra-sensory physical experience to the massage, but can open new pathways to insights, wisdom, and healing through it’s loving consciousness…One of Cacao’s main missions and gifts is to help humanity open and soften the realms of our hearts, minds & state-of-beings, especially now, during these deeply transformational times on our planet (on the micro and macro level)…

I have been working intimately with Cacao as a Sacred Plant medicine the past 3 years, and it is a relationship that has transformed (and continues to transform!) my life in profound an magical ways: deepening my natural state of joy, my sense of grounded-ness and connection to the planet, and has helped me open and heal pathways in my heart in gentle, yet deeply tranformational ways…I see the deep love that Cacao has to share with Humanity, and I am deeply blessed and grateful to now combine this healing plant in combination with Holistic massage sessions…

These 2,5 sessions cost 111,-

If your financial situation calls for assistance, I am open to discounts and/or other forms of energy exchange…

To book a session, please contact me here.

Holistic Healing Berlin

Dolphin Energy Healings:

Dolphin energy healing is the transmission of the healing frequencies from the dolphin consciousness, one of the highest, most loving and most powerful consciousnesses in the great mystery of our Universe…it contains the frequencies of joy, movement, flow, unconditional love, abundance, wholeness, playfulness, and an opening of the heart as never before.  Dolphins are not only present in physical form on planet Earth, but their consciousness is part of a greater universal consciousness, that exists beyond time and space.

Dolphins (both physically & energetically) are master healers and highly evolved omni-dimensional beings who live in oneness, with a role that is similar to the Angelic kingdom.  These spirits are here to watch over us, help us and support us, and to guide us in our remembrance of radiant wholeness…The oneness, pure love & joy that are present and lived out by the dolphins, also exists as humanity’s potential…and now, more than ever before, is humanity ready to receive these healing gifts as part of our evolution, on the micro and the macro level.

The healing session:

One may come to a session with a specific intention or simply be open to receive what wants to be served in that moment.  All it takes is an open mind and heart (and you don’t even have to believe in dolphin energy in order to receive their gifts:  I should know, since I was extremely skeptical at first myself!) Similar to Reiki, the receiver is gently touched while the dolphin energy practitioner (me!) serves as a vehicle for the healing frequencies of the dolphins to saturate the energy field of the receiver.  I hold a sacred space for the healing and transformation to occur.  In a dolphin energy session, you receive the same energy that you would receive if you were swimming with the dolphins physically, and often much more…!

My path with the dolphins:

I have been in contact with the dolphin consciousness for over 10 years now, and before this, I had little to no interest in dolphins whatsoever…During a huge crossroads in my life, back in 2007, I was offered the chance to either choose a very serious, hardcore-Therapy-training-path, or to attend Dolphin Heart School…to make a long story short, my heart & intuition got very excited for Dolphin-school, even though my mind thought I was a bit nuts (how would I explain this to 97% of people in my life at that time?)…My Dolphin School training lasted 1.5 years, and it was one of the most profound and joyous experiences of my entire life.  My life since then has evolved in very  deep and magical ways.  The heart-opening qualities & Unity Community of the Dolphin consciousness are THE bedrocks of the foundation of my work with music, dance, rituals and magical gatherings…And through this loving consciousness, I continue to discover what exactly my soul-purpose is, living in these dynamic times on the planet…

I’m VERY happy to introduce Berlin to this truly profound healing art, and share the love and magic.


More about me and my healing path:

–Since 2002 I’ve studied various massage, healing and consciousness-related studies at the following institutions:

-Holos: Institute for Holistic Massage Therapy
-School for Holistic Pulsing
-Orbis Institute for Transformational Coaching
-Dolphin Heart World: dolphin energy practitioner

–I owned my own Holistic Massage Therapy Practice in Utrecht, Holland for 6 years (2003-2009)

–I’ve worked for over 8 years in 2 amazing Detox centers in both Holland and Portugal, and have over 15 years of experience with working with Natural foods and nutrition.

–The power of healing remains one of the most fascinating, mysterious and rich of paths… I am deeply honored and humbled to be able to assist others on their own healing path, as I walk my own simultaneously.









I am currently giving session from my home at the Messy Magic Headquarters, and from time to time at Schnurrbad Sauna…

Contact me here to book a session





“There is a wisdom in the body, a wisdom in feeling, that when accessed and allowed to operate in conjunction with our cognitive capacities, leads to a deeper, wiser, more integrated life. So we need to get back to the body, which involves much more than just dropping it off at yoga classes or fitness facilities or medical offices. We can get our body more flexible, more fit, and more powerful, and we can load it up with the finest supplements and organic fare, and still be out of touch with it.

Getting back to the body means doing whatever is needed to cut through our disembodied experience, which in part means a journey into and through the very pain that first drove us to dissociate from our body.
In permitting a fuller, saner embodiment of our essential nature, we make possible a deeper life for ourselves, a life in which we cannot help but breathe integrity into our stride, and develop a deep intimacy with all that we are.”
– Robert Augustus Masters