…Deep Deep Love for Music…a love letter

Dear Music,

You my best friend, my most fond lover, my rock and the kite of my soul, flying through the winds of life…

From the first moment I heard “Tracks of my tears” by Smokey Robinson at the age of 8,  hearing “Bonita Applebum” by Tribe Called Quest at 11,  seeing the “Smells like Teen Spirit” video at 12, discovering Bjork at age 17 and having severe eargasms, my first houseparty at 18 basically changing my life, multiple spiritual experiences listening to Larry Heard to feeling so close and intimate with the sounds coming from the ground, the walls, the air of Berlin …

Music, you have helped me follow my heart from my mamma-land America to Holland, and helped me to stay in the city of Berlin so that I can rebuild, rebirth and replenish…music you have opened my heart, expanded my consciousness and you are the healer that just keeps healing, the gift that keeps on giving, the cosmic channeler of bliss, wisdom and release…

Thank you, I bow to you, I adore you.

Forever the willing slave to your healing rhythm,

Love, Me

In the world of Alma Omega ∞ Messy Magika, music is one of the most powerful forces on our planet, and in our lives:  creating landscapes to the complex depth of our emotions, invoking healing frequencies that can heal any hurt, gives hope to the injustice, can uplift our spirits, and can connect humans with another like no words, politics, or dogmas will ever do…we live in a world full of boundaries and music is the soft-weapon-of-choice to break down the boundaries in our culture(s), our minds, and our hearts, time and time again…with the loving consciousness of music, life can renew and regenerate itself, on the inside and out.

Alma Omega ∞ Messy Magika has been in a deep love-affair with music from as long as she can remember…Music has formed the tapestry of her life, and continues to:  from her American-folk-soul-blues-hip-hop roots developing her musical foundation, House-music changing her life, opening her heart, and catapulting her to Europe at the ripe age of 17, to the multi-layered sound-waves of Ambient, eclectic-electronic, and organic Grooves of her many magical dance rituals and events, music is her true L-O-V-E.



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