Sacred Cacao + Dance + Super Sonic Music =

:: Cacaophany ::

Next Cacaophany:

  • 13 September, Prague
  • 20 September, Berlin…..Fall Equinox Celebration
  • 20-22 November, Zurich…Diving deep into Cacao…




Attention all Cacao-sluts, dancing devas and pioneers in pandemonium…Cacao + Dance + Super Sonic Music = Cacaophany

We warmly invite you in all your magnificence, your vulnerability and curiosity, as we delve into new frontiers of joy, expansion and expression, through the sacred nourishment of dance, raw Cacao and togetherness.

Cacao (Theobroma cacao — “Food of the Gods”) is an extremely gentle, loving, high-vibrational plant that has been used in ritual context for thousands of years as sacred plant medicine. The deva of Cacao (the consciousness and spirit behind the form) assists us in deepening our connection with ourselves, with opening the heart, allowing in the abundance of beauty that life and mama earth have to offer. It supports self-awareness, so that we can become conscious of and clear patterns or blocks that prevent us from enjoying our lives in our full potential, and from giving and receiving love freely. Cacao opens pathways to creativity and inspiration, and can be a catalyst for more joy and life-energy, lovingly aiding us in opening & healing, so life can fully flow through us.


We will use the power of dance & super-sonic music to simultaneously ground our bodies in delicious expression & celebration, and allow our spirits to soar to new states of consciousness & expansion. Dance is such a precious tool to uniquely express the emotions of being alive, a chance for one’s soul to express itself: what it’s like to go through this human experience, in these bodies, to release & recharge. When one is willing to open and surrender fully to dance, dancing can be experienced as an act of devotion, as a prayer to all of life, an opening to something higher than oneself.

With all of these intentions we wish to create a space held by both structure (through ritual, guided meditation & exercises), and free space to surrender to the flow of the moment, where we can really be ourselves, drop those heavy masks, the shoulds and shouldn’ts. A space where we can embrace ourselves in our entirety – our joys, our vulnerabilities, the full spectrum of our emotions – and shift into honoring our truth in every moment.