Cacao Heart Rituals:

Inviting the Spirit of Cacao, into our hearts:  to awaken, to feel, to remember who we really are…

LOVE in human form.


“We feel that chocolate is helping to usher in the ‘Cardiozoic Age”–the Age of the Heart. Cacao seems to help correct the imbalance between mind and heart, allowing the mind to serve the heart. Increasing the heart energy brings forth compassion, wonder, healing, and, most importantly, unconditional love.” –David Wolfe, ‘Naked Chocolate’


Praise for Mama Cacao: sweet medicine for these times

Cacao (Theobroma cacao — “Food of the Gods”) has had a long history of important worship & influence on human culture:  dating back to 2000 BC with the Olmec civilization, following with the Mayans & Aztecs, followed by European Trade….Cacao is currently experiencing a new wave of worship, reverence, and celebration across the globe, carrying a MULTITUDE of  gifts with her sweet medicine:

  • Nourishment of body & brain: 

Cacao’s health benefits are VAST: extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals (especially iron & magnesium), not to mention it’s profound affects on our brain chemistry, releasing endorphins, anandamide, histamine, phenylethylamine (PEA), serotonin, theobromine, dopamine, tryptophan, and tyramine, all substances that stimulate the naturally occurring celestial-alchemy of the brain…Cacao in it’s raw, natural state literally strengthens the heart, regulates sugar levels & hormone levels in body, detoxes the liver, and basically nourishes the deficiencies found within the typical Western diet and (often stressful) lifestyle…


  • Nourishment of HEART & SOUL:

The Spirit and essence of Cacao, as a plant medicine, is an extremely gentle, loving & supportive Spirit…It is no wonder that this plant is so lovingly called “Mamma Cacao”, as it’s essence is much like that of the archetypal Mother:  unconditionally loving, unconditionally supporting of her children, and helping them reach wholeness & maturity.

Cacao works particularly on our heart-center:  our ability to give and receive love freely and generously…and reveals the places inside us that are withholding from this transforming quality of (self)love.  Cacao creates compassion, for ourselves and others…it is a gentle medicine, and reminds us of the power of softness, over force.  Cacao stimulates our emotional body:  helping to feel and process emotions with more fluidity…Cacao also stimulates our intuition and creative flow, stimulating our right brain to come alive and play.

“One of the most powerful transmissions offered by Ixcacao (the Cacao Plant Deva) is Her capacity to co-facilitate our embodiment. When I speak of embodiment, I am not merely referring to the dropping down and coming into the physical body as an alive, connected, felt experience of truly belonging in our own skin and the deep exhale that comes when we learn to utterly relax into the gravity of our own bones. Let’s go deeper still, beyond the idea of embodiment as the tangible, visible and visceral sense of this human form. What I want to name embodiment as here is the true incarnation and ever-unfurling actualisation of the Soul. It is one thing to be born into a physical body from the womb of our biological mother, but it is yet another thing entirely to consciously incarnate and activate as Soul, borne directly from the vast Great Mother.

Yes – that Soul that is the absolutely magnificent, elegant, kaleidoscopic aperture of pure divinity that is lovingly manifest in all of its perfectly messy, wild glory as the total precision and indisputable fact of YOU! It is your absolute, deep down core essence.”– Annu Tara

  • Nourishment for our community & world at large:

Several indigenous myths from Meso-America all profess in their legends that when the balance between humanity & nature is lost, Cacao will come to save the day…And Keith, the Cacao Shaman, also professes in his channeling of Cacao that indeed Cacao is THE “Food for the Shift”:  the Shift in Human consciousness that is currently under way…the Shift from the old story of disconnection, domination, disrespect (to the feminine & to our beloved planet Earth), to a new story of inter-connection, unity-community & utter reverence to the natural cycles of life.

Cacao’s gift is awakening our hearts and our consciousnesses to our true potential:  beginning with each heart, and then connecting hearts, connecting dots across the planet…we all are so deeply interconnected with one another…The time is ripe to stop thinking and feeling small & isolated.  It’s time to feel the power of our heart, to live courageously & joyfully from our heart, to allow our hearts to feel the entire spectrum of life…and Cacao is the soothing balm to help us aid in this process.

“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.”  —Marianne Williamson


Cacao Heart Offerings:

It is one of my greatest joys, and a true honor to be able to create, facilitate & share Cacao-heart-spaces with as many people as possible…one of the beauties of Cacao is it’s versatility as a plant medicine:  young or old, skeptical or the spiritually adventurous,  male, female, or a bit of both, Cacao has the unique ability to unite hearts & people, dissolving borders in constructive ways…

Each offering of Cacao is a co-creation between myself, the fellow beings sharing space, & the Cacao-spirit herself…each Ritual is a tailor-made sacred-slice of time and space created in order to dive into the realms of Cacao’s wisdom:


My path with Cacao:

Cacao entered my life at the very beginning of a very deep rebirth inside of myself back in 2013, triggered by an “initiation” with Keith, The Chocolate Shaman during his tour in Berlin.  Before this tumultuous time, I had always been someone with a natural talent for having a wide-open crown-chakra (as in:  pretty tapped into cosmic awareness), but it had always been very difficult for me to ground, and feel safe and at home on the Earth.  Communicating with spiritual realms wasn’t a problem, but this connection with my feet, alive on this planet certainly was a challenge…

Since embarking on this journey with Cacao, I feel a deepening of love and ability to ground on this amazing ball of paradise, strengthened by the ability to live more authentically from my heart…Being someone that can have a tendency to be quite hard on myself, Cacao teaches me that gentleness is the way to true happiness and peace…At this point, after going through so much together, Cacao feels like a very devout and close friend:  a Spirit to lean on, to ask for support, to help me soften, express, feel, & live more whole…I praise this beautiful plant for showing me, and more and more fellow humans that the path to creating a New World starts with healing our own hearts, with grace, gentleness & joy…She has shown me so much, and for this I take a huge bow to Mama Cacao…It is an honor to serve her and her vision and message for Unity-Community-Heart-Healing on Planet Earth <3

Cacao in the media:

LOTS of strange articles have been written about Cacao lately (no, we don’t snort Cacao at our 24 hour rave Lucid), but these are the sources I fully support:

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Don’t believe the Hype, follow your heart instead