Belly Love


with Clara Hahn & Alma Omega Maegan Melissa

Belly Love


with Clara Hahn & Alma Omega Maegan Melissa


How do you feel about your belly? What you know about it? Is it the butterflies, the gut feelings, endless forces of creation, a place of discomfort, or your inner pilot for decisions? What feelings, thoughts, and sensations live here? How connected do you feel to it’s guidance? Can you trust your gut, your feminine cauldron of wisdom? Have you properly met and made friends with one of the strongest allies in your body—in your lives–or does this tender center of your body remain an enemny: a source of shame, a source of your untapped power and potential?


The aspects of your belly we will refer to in this 3 month-journey is known from scientists as the enteric nervous system, otherwise known as “the second brain”: this intelligence of your gut-stomach-belly is comparable it to your brain, although your belly logic does function differently. It also communicates with neural connections and releases chemicals to express itself. There are deep insights coming from your belly, and your belly truly knows how to navigate you smoothly through the complexity of your life. Your belly is simply put: your
source of power & truth. 


Sadly, for many of us, we have cut off this precious connection: by judging our belly’s outer-shape, ashamed by it’s texture instead of training its inner capacities. Especially as women we are haunted by cultural beauty ideals, which makes us (consciously & unconsciously) suck in our belly (wisdom), and therefore our personal channel to power and truth. For so many of us, our bellies are sources of shame, discomfort, stress and dis-connection: often times carrying the ancestral stresses from the women that have come before us.

There is a deep ripeness in the collective-field for women to re-discover and re-claim this inherent trust and love inside ourselves, in our bellies in particular: learn to trust our intuition, learn to trust the sensations of our body’s core, have the courage to take in all the space we long for…resourcing & forgiving ourselves from the past, sinking into the deep acceptance of the moment, in order to fully bloom into the path of our highest potential. In this 3 months course we will reestablish our connection to our belly by developing and experiencing skills of self compassion, working with our higher selves, alongside fellow-women in a safe and held space. We will celebrate our humanity, our triumphs & rage, access deep belly wisdom, and be inspired to follow our own unique purpose to reach to belly love: acceptance, power and shameless beauty in our lives.


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THE DATES:  22.11/ 6.12 / 13.12 / 10.01 / 24.01 / 07.02

As an intimate, committed group of women, we will meet 6 times in a concentrated and deeply held space: exploring empowering embodiment techniques of dance, movement, meditation, visualizations, inquiries, and creative expression.

We will be held by both our collective-field of fellow women–mirroring our common-path—as well as deep space to enter profoundly into our own unique path and process.


If you would like to join, please reserve your space HERE

Please note that deadline for applying is November 8th

Studio Olivia Steele
Am Krögel 2
Top FLoor 
Berlin, Mitte

250€ for 6 workshops between November & February


Maegan Gorbett (DJ Alma ∞ Omega) is a devout lover of music, dance, nature, community, mystical-mayhem, shamanic-shenanigans, and sacred-sisterhood…Through the deaths and rebirths of life she has discovered the aspects of Life that are anchored in Truth, Authenticity, Softness and Humor: this self-compassion and passion are her gifts she has to share with the world…

Music, ritual, movement, dance, embodiment & awakening of the feminine have been the most influential passions of her life, and this is a well of inspiration that continues to deepen and fertilize her service to Life.

Maegan is currently deepening her commitment to healing, dance, movement and soul-embodiment through her training with Open Floor International: an embodied-dance-meditation training, using the dance-floor (of life) to awaken, heal and enliven us. The power of movement, the freedom of expression, the truth of our body’s wisdom, and the beauty of authenticity are the pillars of her joy and work. The healing & awakening of the feminine spirit (beyond genders: this spirit found within all beings) is a deep calling that continues to unfold her path during these dynamic times on the planet.

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Clara Dorothee Hahn is a Life Coach and Facilitator guiding individuals and groups into their unfolding of potential. Her work is inspired by Wisdom Traditions from around the world, contemporary spiritual teachers as well as movement. Her life is composed by radical decisions coming from a deep own practise of translating her inner voice. She has lived in a tree, worked in Spas and Hotels in South America giving energy healing and released a documentary about her now 101 year old grandmother. Her clients, mostly women are from all around the world receiving guidance over skype and personal consultations in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Tel Aviv.

“and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.”

-Nayyirah Waheed