Upcoming GiGS:

∞ 2018 ∞

18/1 Ecstatic Dance Berlin
4/1 Ecstatic Dance Zurich

∞ 2017 ∞
31/12 Cork, Ireland…more info TBA
15/12 LUCID Satelight Sessions
9-10/12 Tuned In, Turned On, Berlin
30/11 Ecstatic Dance Belgium, Ghent
29/11 Ecstatic Dance Breda
28/11 Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam
25-26/11 Agape Zoe Festival, Berlin
17-19/11 Togetherness Festival, London
11-12/11 Crimson Tide, Berlin

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Without music, life would be a mistake

Friedrich Nietzsche


Where Words Fail

Music Speaks


Hans Christian Andersen






Alma Omega ∞ Messy Magika is a devote disciple to the Deva-of-dopest-beat, humble slave to the rhythm, and dedicatedly obsessed in serving & perving the wide spectrum of SOUL-MEDICINE music: from organic-shamanic, hip-hop-heaven, dirty-disco, womb-tech-magic, and for music of which there are no genres…if it moves your loins and hips, opens your heart, tickles your toes, and takes you on a journey unexpected, well, this is the buffet of beats you may feast upon…



Ecstatic Dance Waves

waves of music, waves of life


Energy moves in waves.
Waves move in patterns.
Patterns move in rhythms.
A human being is just that
energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
A dance.